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Ensure You Are Eligible to Run


Your AMA total points will dictate whether or not you are able to run for an Executive Board position. Returning members are required to have +350 Points. New members are required to have +150 Points. The following people have met the point requirement:

Mattea Bertain
Luis Carlos
Katelyn Condon
Kinsey Cook
Shelby Forster
Katie Lakey
Rowan Lull
Mitchell Lung
Xavier Montez
Kate Ratajczak
Natalie Rogers
Mackenzie Rupert
Katie Salisbury
Lauren Santos

Fill Out Intent to Run Form


Candidates: please read the following information carefully. Any unfulfilled steps or missed deadlines can delay your campaign.

If you are having issues or have questions, please direct all questions to Thank you. 

Not all members who are eligible will want to run for a position. If you do, fill out the Intent to Run Form so that we have your information on file when the election comes closer. This form should be filled out and submitted ASAP.

Filling out the Intent to Run Form does not guarantee your name on the ballot. This is simply our way of gathering your information and understanding which positions are impacted, while others are available. 

Contact Current Board Member(s)


You must call the current Executive Board member and have a quick, 10-minute chat to confirm your candidacy. Contact information for Executive Board members:

Ryan Brumfield - President


Ross Potter - Vice President


Danny Diaz - Director, Communications


Vanessa Legins - Director, Membership & Events


Katherine Leong - Director, Finance


Fill Out Campaign Form


Now, let's get your campaign moving. You can fill out the Campaign Form here. This form must be submitted by April 14, 2020 at 11:59pm to appear on the ballot. You will be required to submit a 0:30 - 1:00 minute video for each position you are running for.


The video should detail what makes you qualified for the position as well as what you want to focus on, if elected. The video(s) should be uploaded to YouTube and a YouTube link will be required in the form. 

Once this form is submitted, your name will be added to the 2020 Elections ballot. 

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