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AMA | Chico X BeReal

⚠️ Time to BeReal ⚠️
Connecting together for real

We're partnering with BeReal not only to increase users on the app, but to learn valuable marketing skills in growing a customer base and following. This opportunity helps our organization to fundraise money to put back into our organization. 

BeReal Chico State QR Code.

Let's Get to Work

To increase the skillset and knowledge of each and every member of AMA | Chico we host workshops at many of our meetings throughout the academic year. These workshops are designed to educate students and give them practice at tools to prepare them for a marketing career and set them up for success.

Some of the many workshops we hold throughout the year include: LinkedIn, Interviews, Resumes, Adobe platforms and much more. We actively seek out experts in their area to speak about seminars and help guide students. 

Special Events

AMA | Chico hosts and participates in multiple events throughout the academic school year. From sales competitions to marketing strategies, and everything in between, we work to engage our members with real-world simulations to help students increase their marketing skill set and collaborative team efforts.

Throughout the year, AMA | Chico will be hosting the Chico Student Housing Marketing Competition, participating in the Chico State Sales Invitational, as well as collaborating to create the 5th annual Women in Business Summit. 

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